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Study Circle

Monthly Study Circle Topic – Feb 6th 2022

Mother and motherland are greater than heaven

The first impulse that emanated from man was prema (divine love). All other things came thereafter. Every child that is born develops immediately love for the mother. Every child tries to recognise at the outset the mother and the father. In the same manner ,every individual should recognise the land of his birth and his cultural heritage (samskrithi). One’s nation and one’s culture should be revered as one’s parents. The nation is one’s mother. One’s culture is the father. This profound truth was proclaimed by Rama when he declared: “The mother and the Motherland are greater than Heaven itself.” Love the mother. Love your country’s culture. These are the two primary duties of every man. They should be the main aims of life.

When people follow this path of truth and righteousness, love will sprout naturally in their hearts. All knowledge and scholarship are of no avail if there is no practice of virtue. Practise at least one of the teachings and experience joy.

Embodiments of love! There is no need to seek a reason for experiencing joy. Sarvadha sarvakaaleshu sarvathra Harichinthanam (Always, at all times and in all places contemplate on Hari). Make every moment a holy day. Invest every word with the power of a mantra (sacred formula). Sanctify the ground you tread on. Make this the mission of your life. Desires can be reduced by chanting God’s name

Today we are witnessing corruption, violence, wickedness, and malpractices everywhere. The basic reason for all these is selfishness. Insatiable desires are at the root of these evils. By chanting the Lord’s name, desires can be reduced, while legitimate wishes get fulfilled.

Sakkubai prayed and yearned to go to Pandharpur for darshan of Panduranga. She endured all kinds of troubles and indignities and earned the Lord’s grace. How can you get God’s grace without undergoing trials? You know what severe processes gold goes through from the crucible onwards before an ornament is made. There can be no happiness without pain. When you desire the welfare of someone, you must. be prepared to let him face the ordeals which are necessary before he can experience what is good for him. Pleasure and pain go together in this world. In the Gita, the Lord says He is both the kshetra (the body) and the Kshetrajna (the Indwelling Knower).

Prema and the Triple Purity | Sathya Sai Speaks vol 28, chapter 2 | Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba | 14 January 1995


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